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  • Who Beat Ken Jennings?

    After 74 straight winning games, Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings lost to Nancy Zerg, a realtor from Ventura, California, on November 30, 2004. 

  • How Much Did Ken Jennings Win On Jeopardy?

    How Much Did Ken Jennings Win On Jeopardy? Ken Jennings won $2,520,700 in his historic record-setting run. This still stands as the highest regular...
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  • Do Jeopardy Contestants Get a Study Guide?

    No. Jeopardy only provides contestants with the Prep Center and practice guides.


  • Matt Amodio Finally Loses On Jeopardy! with $1.5 Million in Winnings

    Amodio's streak falls short of the all-time record of 74 set by Ken Jennings in the mid-2000's when the show first allowed multi-win champions to continue playing past the old five game limit.
  • Free Jeopardy Practice Tests - Jeopardy Online Test Mastery

    Looking for more ways to prepare for the Jeopardy Online Test? We've put together six free practice tests that closely mimic the common categories and difficulty of the Jeopardy Online Tests. 

    These practice tests were written by former contestants and expert trivia clue writers with an eye towards helping you understand your weak areas.

    Each test is only 30 questions long (instead of the official 50) to allow you to take each test under 10 minutes. 

  • Do Jeopardy contestants get categories in advance?

    No, Jeopardy contestants do not get categories before the show. Every Jeopardy Champion and contestant gets asked this question. They all will confirm that the contestants learn about the categories the moment they show up on the big screen. Game show producers are very careful to not give any one play an unfair advantage.
  • Do Jeopardy Losers Keep Money?

    The Jeopardy "losers", i.e. 2nd and 3rd Place contestants do get to keep $2000 and $1000 respectively - even if they didn't "win" that much on the show. 
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