20 Best Gifts For Jeopardy Fans & Trivia Lovers

Last updated May 26, 2023

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Clue: You're looking to buy some gifts for your favorite Jeopardy lover. 

Answer: What is you've come to the right place!

We are huge Jeopardy nerds and talk to a lot of them on a daily basis, so we have a pretty good idea of what your Jeopardy fan will love!

We've put together this awesome list of Jeopardy themed gift ideas! We hope you enjoy :) 

Gift These Novelty Jeopardy Themed Socks*

jeopardy gift ideas - socks

These are a fun gag gift that will keep those bottom digits warm when they're sipping on some potent potables by the fire! 


They Will Sharpen Their Skills With This Book*

The Jeopardy Score Tracker is a perfect brain teaser and score keeper to keep their trivia wit sharp, plus track their Jeopardy progress! 


Give Them This Jeopardy Card Set*

gift ideas - jeopardy card set

Keep them guessing in real life with the Jeopardy Card Set!

You Can't Go Wrong With The Board Game!* 

Turn Jeopardy night into a family or friendly game night with the board game from Outset Media 

Give Them Daily Jeopardy Clues via This Calendar*


gift ideas - jeopardy calendar 2022

This calendar gives them two gifts in one! Keeping track of what day it is and a clue every day of the week.

Or How About An Alex Trebek Funko Pop!*


jeopardy themed gift ideas - alex trebek funko popHonor the life and incredible host of Alex Trebek by gifting this Funko Pop! Perfect for the desk or home office.

Keep Them Warm With This Themed Fleece*

jeopardy gifts - themed fleece

Who doesn't want to snuggle up on a cold day with a "potent potable" and wrap up in this Jeopardy-tastic fleece?

Gift Jeopardy G.O.A.T. Ken Jenning's Trivia Book*


What better gift to give than to give them more trivia knowledge! Ken Jennings is a Jeopardy record holder and a great writer!

Or The Memoir Of Alex Trebek's Life*

This was a fantastic read and anyone that is a true fan of Jeopardy will enjoy Alex's wit and caring attitude. 

 I'll Take Ornaments for $200 Alex!*


jeopardy lover christmas tree ornamentDeck the halls with trivia for your Jeopardy fan. They will love this as a stocking stuffer! 

Jeopardy Mug: Feed Their Caffeine and Trivia Addiction!*

jeopardy mug

This mug will get lots of love and keep that medulla oblongata sharp for Jeopardy time.  

An Unofficial Jeopardy Champion Shirt!*


jeopardy shirt gift championWho needs to go on the show to prove their prowess when you already know they are a champ in your eyes! This is a fun gag gift too for the smarty pants.

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition For The Trivia Nerd*

trivial pursuit master edition

The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game is for the trivia buff who loves to show off how smart they are

Jeopardy House Warming Framed Print*

framed jeopardy print

What is home? We love this for the new homeowner that now can enjoy Jeopardy from their new livingroom!

Heroes of Jeopardy Sticker Pack

These are fun accessories for stocking stuffers and look cool on laptops, coolers, music cases, or friges!  

Board Gamer and Movie Trivia Buff?*


movie trivia giftIf they are a movie lover and Jeopardy fan, this might be the perfect gift! 

They'll Love This Personalized Jeopardy Pint Glass!

jeopardy mug gift ideas

Potent Potables for 2000! This is a fantastic gift if you're wanting to personalize a gift for your favorite Jeopardy fan.

Give A Donation To PANCAN In Their Name

donate to pancan

We lost Alex Trebek to the horrible malady that is pancreatic cancer. Give the gift of charity to one of Alex's favorite organizations. 

donate to pancan

Make It a True Daily Double!


jeopardy gift ideas - whiskey glassPotent potable puns aside, this gift will be a perfect gift for the whisky or spirits connoisseur and Jeopardy savant.

New Play At Home (On A Phone) Jeopardy Gift Set!*

Test your skills against your favorite Jeopardy buds with this new play-at-home Jeopardy trivia game set. Don't be slow on the buzzer though!


We hope this was helpful in finding the perfect gift for that Jeopardy diehard or trivia buff in your life! 

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