This course was built to save time and help you study the right things. We've used the various public Jeopardy! archives to pull out the most popular facts, figures, and topics you should study to increase your odds of success.

With over 400 pages of curated content spanning multiple categories, this guide covers the 20% material that typically leads to 80% of the clue answers. Packed with facts, video links, and helpful memory-aided images, you'll crush your study prep.


Study Efficiently

Provided in two formats to make studying easy allowing you to take additional notes or read on the go


Curated To Save Time

One stop. This course was curated to cover the "meat and potatoes" of the most popular categories


Learn The Right Stuff

Loaded with core facts and trivia along with links to supplemental learning videos


Proven Success

Boost your trivia confidence with the guide we used by dozens of J Champions and TOC contestants

We provide this study guide in two easy formats: PDF and PowerPoint. Each page is packed with the important baseline information you should study as well as a few quirky trivia facts that could appear on tests. We encourage you to use the PowerPoint (convertible to Google Sheets) for added notes and link-outs to helpful video content hosted on Youtube. The PDF version is a great option if you'd like to study on the go via your preferred smart phone or tablet.

Once you purchase the guide or expansion pack, we'll send you a downloadable link via email with your format. As a digital product, we do not offer reimbursement once purchased.


Study Guide CONTENT

We've spent countless hours curating the right information based on past games and have focused the course on core categories that we believe hopeful contestants should learn cold. It includes U.S. Presidents, U.S. geography, world geography, the arts, science and much more. We recommend spending a few weeks on learning each category, creating your own mnemonics to commit facts to memory, and taking supplemental online quizzes to test your knowledge.

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We're confident that our core study guide has the material you need to increase your odds of passing the online test, but if you're wanting to go the extra mile and give back a little, we also provide the newest "Platinum" pack with the core guide plus all of our expansion guides.

Core Study Guide (PDF Version - Click "Buy Now" to See Sample)

$199 ($499 Value)

  • U.S. Presidents, Wars, States, & Famous Americans
  • World Geography, Capitols, Mountains, Deserts, Rivers +
  • Literature (British & American), Pulitzer Prize Winners
  • Shakespeare (Bio & Popular Plays)
  • Science & Famous Scientist Across Disciplines
  • World Religions, Philosophy, & Mythology
  • Operas, Ballet, & Classical Composers

80% OFF DEAL: Platinum Trivia Study Guide (Core Guides + All Expansions)

$149 ($870 value)

  • Everything in Core Study Guide + All Expansion Guides (500+ pages of study material & 100's of hours of savings)
  • Updated Smart PDF Version w/ Supporting Study Links
  • Mini Bonus Guide: Potent Potables, Birthstones, Astrology
  • Mnemonic Memory Guide For Core Topics (History, Geography, Astronomy, Biology, & More)
  • "Explorers You Should Know" Expansion Pack
  • "Artists You Should Know" Expansion Pack
  • "Architecture You Should Know" Expansion Pack

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