Jeopardy! Fans Concerned Over Possible Rule Change


Jeopardy! used to be a one-and-done opportunity, but with new showrunner Michael Davies at the helm, things have started to change. As the beloved quiz show gears up for its 40th season, Davies may be shaking things up once again with a major rule change. This change would make it tougher for new contestants to score a spot on the show, and fans are already chiming in with concerns that it will shatter Jeopardy's legendary allure.


Michael Davies - Source: The Wrap

For decades, Jeopardy! fans knew that contestants only got one shot at claiming the championship title. Once a player competed on the syndicated version of the show, they were out of the running for good (unless a rare production error or special tournament came along).

However, according to the latest Inside Jeopardy! podcast, executive producer Davies is mulling over a significant rule change. He's thinking about allowing past contestants to return and compete again, not just for special events, but for regular episodes as well. This would mean that long-time hopefuls trying to make their Jeopardy! debut could find themselves pitted against a returning contestant, vying for a second chance at glory.

Davies sees Jeopardy! as a sport, and he believes that the best players should be allowed to compete, regardless of how many times they've played before. In a recent discussion with producer Sarah Foss and former Jeopardy! champion Buzzy Cohen, Davies cited the recent High School Reunion Tournament as an example of players returning to fight again for their spot in the Tournament of Champions. Cohen even likened it to The Hunger Games.

But Davies wants to take it even further. He's committed to player development and believes that people who have previously played in college or teen tournaments have not yet reached their maximum potential as Jeopardy! competitors.

In fact, the Jeopardy! team is currently in discussions about whether to place any restrictions on eligibility at all. According to Davies, they're having "deep conversations within the 'inner sanctum' of Jeopardy!" about the issue.

Davies thinks that Jeopardy! should be treated like a sport, with similar eligibility requirements. He doesn't care if you've played before or taken the test, he just wants the best players on the stage. He wants Jeopardy! to be an open competition where all comers can play.

Some long-time Jeopardy! viewers have mixed feelings about this potential rule change. One fan on the Jeopardy! Reddit forum wrote, "I believe the eligibility requirements should remain the same. It maintains the flow and distinguishes previous competitors from new ones.”. “When it comes to candidates who have participated in competitions and special events, there is a specific atmosphere. I wish the organizers will discuss about supplemental activities or consolation prizes."

However, others seem to agree that the only eligibility rules that should be changed are allowing Teen and College contestants to come back as adults.

One viewer, who had a younger classmate compete in middle school Jeopardy in the early 2000s, wrote that it's "a little ridiculous" that they can't compete as an adult, and suggested that those who competed as minors should be able to return once after 10 years.

However, not all fans were on board with the potential rule change. "The myth around the program is that anyone can enter and succeed. Its mystique diminishes when more and more game spaces are allocated for past users.," commented another viewer.

Another fan raised concerns about the show's commitment to having the best players compete, saying, "The issue, in my opinion, is that, despite their claims that they want the top players to participate, they merely select the most well-liked players from the previous season. Seeing someone dominate the other competitors is not going to make for a fun competition."

So this decision is definitely is opening the forums up for debate. What are your thoughts, should they keep the tradition or give it a spin? 

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