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Last Updated April 14, 2022

Free Jeopardy Practice Tests

Looking for more ways to prepare for the Jeopardy Online Test? We've put together six free practice tests that closely mimic the common categories and difficulty of the Jeopardy Online Tests. 

These practice tests were written by former contestants and expert trivia clue writers with an eye towards helping you understand your weak areas.

Each test is only 30 questions long (instead of the official 50) to allow you to take each test under 10 minutes. 

Click here to download the practice tests.


Our recommendations for the test:

Day 1 - Take Test 1 - Mark Your Score (21 is passing)

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Day 2 - 7 - Study your weak areas.

Continue this process over 6 weeks taking each test over a 6 week period.

Use this 15 second time-interval dinger as a pacer.


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